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Parental Agreement. For parents/guardians of children attending the Guernsey Velo Club events, please respect these guidelines which have been drawn up for your child's safety and enjoyment
1. Please arrive in good time for the session.
2. During the session only trained personnel and participants may enter the riding area.
3. Children should bring:-
i. a cycle in safe condition – (please ensure handlebar ends are covered) we cannot repair/adjust cycles
ii. a cycle helmet/suitable clothing/drink
4. Please collect your child promptly after the session.
5. We welcome your comments on the MTB Racing League but after the session has finished.
6. The GVC has a child protection policy. If you have any concerns about sessions, coaches or activities please contact GVC Child Protection Officer, Collette Mechem, 07781 167991 or collette@cwgsy.net
7. The GVC reserves the right to exclude or refuse admission to any child that is disruptive to the safe conduct of the session.
8. The GVC reserves the right to cancel any session in the event of inclement weather.
9. At times photographs may be taken for publicity purposes, please speak to Chris Le Page or CPO should you not wish your child to be photographed.

I have read and understood the parent agreement and I will abide by it.

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Guernsey Velo Club Consent
I give my permission for my child to participate in the Guernsey Velo Club events and I give my consent for my child to receive emergency medical treatment, on the understanding that I am contacted as soon as possible. I understand and agree that my child participates in the Guernsey Velo Club events promoted under the rules and regulations of British Cycling entirely at their own risk. I have considered and understand the nature of the Guernsey Velo Club events and have discussed this with my child.

I agree that my child shall participate in events run by the Guernsey Velo Club without any liability whatsoever on the part of the promoter, promoting club, British Cycling or any club or organisation affiliated thereto or their officials or members in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered by my child, however caused.

Thanks! If you are not a GVC member, please send your cheque for £30 to Bev Hockey at Highlands, Lowlands Road, St Sampsons, Guernsey, GY2 4NZ. Cheques should be made out to "Guernsey Velo Club".

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